Costas Koloni Tavern


  1. Are children welcome in your tavern?    Yes!! All of the meze dishes or menu dishes are suitable for children and can be provided in small portions. Our tavern in also easily accessible for pushchairs and strollers. We also have highchairs for your convenience. In addition, we have baby changing facilities in our toilets.
  2. How much money is it per person?  Obviously it depends on what you would like to order, but our vast meze is €25 per person. 
  3. What time does the music begin? The show begins at 8.30pm - 9pm on all of the nights that we have music / entertainment.
  4. Do you cater for customers with allergies / special dietary requirements?  Yes, we can cook our meze to suit all needs including, no pork, vegetarian, vegan etc. You will still have lots to eat, don't worry :)
  5. Is your tavern accessible by bus? Yes, you need to take the number 612 bus or any bus which travels to the airport. 
  6. Is there an extra charge for the entertainment? No, we enjoy entertaining you :)
  7. Do you accept debit or credit cards? Yes, we accept all.